Digger Derricks – Don’t Leave For the Construction Site Without One!

Born out of a need for convenience, serviceability, and utility, the digger sale derrick truck got its start in 1945 and has since become one of the all-stars of the construction site. Combining multiple functions under the power of one vehicle and one crew, it is easy to see how these trucks have become so popular at many different work locations. Today, no job site is complete without at least one of the trusted vehicles, for many good reasons, some of which are listed below.

  • Versatility – Though these machines started out as a simple crane with an auger drill, digger derrick technology has continued over the decades to produce the productive truck of today. With sophisticated booms and many available attachments, these machines are able to perform the functions of many other different machines. While most of these vehicles can be found drilling holes and setting up utility poles and other related tasks, with the right accessories it can be transformed into something as valuable as scoop diggers, material lifts, cranes, winches, mowers, plows, sifters, trenchers and more.

  • Efficiency – The main attraction of these vehicles is their efficiency, having been built to keep working without hardly any downtime between functions. They can be driven between job sites and are able to complete the work of many other types of equipment when equipped with some of the many different attachments that are currently available. This means fewer trucks are needed on-site, less equipment is needed for a company to purchase, fewer operators are needed to run the equipment, and lower operating costs can generally be found as compared to having to use many different vehicles.

  • Availability – Digger derricks have become so popular that it is possible to find many types and styles of the both new and used versions available for private sale and through equipment auctions. This is attractive to most companies to be able to easily find the unit that is needed, especially if it can be found used which allows for making a purchase at a lower price, less depreciation will be taken, and even lower insurance premiums can be a result of the purchase. Large companies are constantly upgrading to the latest and greatest technology, which leaves smaller companies in a prime position to take advantage of great deals on high quality used derricks as well as the ability of selling companies to upgrade fleets to newer technology that will be able to keep up with the competition.

  • Profitability – With all these advantages, using digger derrick technology on any job site is a sure way to get all jobs done within the time that has been allowed, which has the net effect of allowing companies to take on more jobs than would be possible otherwise. The trickle-down effect of using a highly versatile machine such as this one is how it impacts a company as a whole, creating greater profits and less expense, which is beneficial for all involved. Safety margins stay up, better training is provided, and employees receive better compensation – all the things that are affected by higher income and lower expenses for the owning company.

Those companies that are not yet taking advantage of the capabilities of a digger sale derrick need to seriously consider how much one of these highly versatile machines can impact a company. Keeping up with the competition is important for any business and when that is being done by experiencing the advantages of the use of these versatile vehicles for greater productivity, even smaller firms need to sit up and pay attention. A good new or used digger derrick truck can easily revolutionize any construction fleet. So don’t leave for the construction site without one of these highly useful vehicles!

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