Top 10 Uses for Bucket Trucks!

Bucket trucks are commonly seen along highways fixing electrical, telephone and cable lines. This utility vehicle has a powerful articulated arm that can be bent and has the ability to reach tall buildings, trees and other infrastructures. The primary use of it is for lifting and lowering workers to and from high places. These trucks from a bucket truck sale are not only used for fixing and repairing electrical and telephone lines which are what we commonly observe in the urban areas.   This vehicle can be used for many other purposes and uses.   Listed below are some of the more common uses for bucket trucks.

  • Servicing Telephone, Cable and High Voltage Transmission Lines

The bucket truck has a great advantage over any other available option in lessening the difficulty in climbing poles to access telephone, cable and transmission lines for repair and/or replacement purposes, certainly lowering the possibility of accidents such as electrocution or falling.  A worker can be easily lifted and lowered to access the line, with the basket being able to carry more instruments along with the worker.  All of this greatly enhances this line-handling process. It is typical to use an insulated form of truck for this activity.

  • Fireman’s Rescue

During fire-fighting activities, it is frequently necessary to access some portion of the burning building to either enhance the pure fire-fighting efforts or to find some type of access to rescue people trapped inside the building.  Fire trucks are equipped with buckets sometimes placed at the end of a ladder just for this type of task.  The fireman can then be placed as close to the trapped people as possible and allow them to be escorted to safety.

  • Decoration Purposes

To decorate street lights and hanging lanterns on tall trees during the Christmas season, bucket trucks are widely used for this task rather than using a ladder. The vehicle allows the work to be accomplished easier, faster and with fewer personnel.

  • Painting External Building Structures

When painting the external structure of a five-story building, bucket trucks can be used to paint those hard-to-reach building walls. The vehicle allows the workers to perform the job better and more efficiently. It even allows the painter to carry the necessary equipment right with them to make the job even easier.

  • Home Maintenance

To fix damaged rooftops, especially those houses that have two stories, this type of vehicle is commonly used to gain a great advantage. It can easily lift workers from the ground to the working area and just as easily elevate repair materials to the rooftop for the use of the workers.

  • Fruit Tree Harvesting

Cherry picker was the original name of what we now usually call a bucket truck.  It allows the fruit picker to harvest fruit without any inconvenience. The basket can easily be maneuvered to the desired position and height to gain easy access to the fruit being harvested. Harvest time is much easier using this type of process!

  • Pruning Trees

For those hard-to-reach tree tops, an arborist can conveniently utilize this vehicle to trim and take down tall trees.

  • Fixing and Mounting Streamers

A bucket truck is also used in installing menu boards and streamers across city streets. This utility vehicle can also be used in removing and reinstalling broken street lamps.

  • Filming

Many moviemakers use cherry pickers to get an aerial shot of the movie that they’re trying to produce. Even during live concerts, the bucket truck can be used to film the event.  Sometimes celebrities even perform on them, thinking in particular of the late Michael Jackson.

  • Window Washing

When needing to clean windows on a tall building, the access of a bucket truck to those windows makes the job so much easier.  The worker can carry their materials with them and work in safety as opposed to doing the same job on a ladder!

Nowadays, the bucket truck from a bucket truck sale is used in many types of work. The versatility of this machine offers a greater chance to perform the desired job in safety and with efficiency. Using it does require professionalism and proper training, as OHSA continually monitors all usage and provides guidelines to operating these vehicles.   When proper caution is used and safe operation is performed, what a convenient tool this is!

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