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Staying Productive and Safe With Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucksĀ are a gigantic suction machine. The negative pressure generated within the machine is enough to suck up anything that fits the size of the suction hose, regardless of whether the material is in a solid, liquid, or gaseous state. … Continue reading

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Understand the History Behind Industrial Equipment Auctions

Do you want to know more about the history of auctions? Read this article to learn about the first auctions and their similarity to the auctions of today – with a few new technological twists! Continue reading

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Protect Heavy Equipment Vehicles For Auction Resale Value

When reselling heavy-duty vehicles, the value of such tangible assets will decrease because of usage and normal wear and tear. Most of these trucks will lose a great deal of its worth because of such age depreciation; however, protection can … Continue reading

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Valuable Information About Dump Truck Driver Careers

There are many different and necessary positions in the construction industry where each trained operator must know their vehicle extremely well in order to provide the best service. Even though it may seem easy, driving used dump trucks and other … Continue reading

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