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Maintenance Guide To Make a Utility Vehicle Battery Last Longer!

Did you purchase your heavy duty vehicle from an equipment auction and wonder how to properly maintain the battery? Read this article for some important maintenance tips on keeping this very important component in good shape so that it continues to perform well and to increase its lifespan! Continue reading

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Make Projects a Breeze with a Digger Derrick!

Many industrial companies must hire several field employees to get a drilling job done. The conventional method of drilling the ground is time consuming, exhausting, and very costly. Therefore, a company may want to consider purchasing a digger derrick from … Continue reading

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Harsh Winter Weather Contributes to Logging Hazards!

As winter brings snow to the woods and roads freeze over with ice, loggers have no choice but to observe extreme caution when carrying out job duties. During the winter, forestry trucks are operated under the most severe conditions including … Continue reading

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Clean Up Your Streets With a Vacuum Truck!

Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness and efficiency of the vacuum trucks you see on your city streets? Read this article to learn exactly how much can be accomplished with this powerful machine! Continue reading

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