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Get Your Tires Ready for Bad Weather!

Bad weather can happen any time of the year: spring and summer can bring storms with hail and heavy rain while winter brings its own icy road problems. One major component that should be thoroughly checked on any vehicle year-round … Continue reading

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Vacuum Trucks Make Excavation Simple!

One of the many problems encountered in the telephone, electric, water, and gasoline industries is the underground digging process for installing poles, pipes, wires and other such utility infrastructure components. This creates an inconvenience to the flow of traffic, the generation of excessive noise, annoyance that repairs need to be made, and difficulty in preserving existing construction. This problem just seems to grow when actually all that needs to be done is a small amount of digging using a more advanced machine.

Digging in the ground is typically very labor-intensive as well as a lengthy process; being able to use an attachment to an already-existing vehicle would certainly be a great improvement. With the ongoing development of the vacuum truck, purchased at a vacuum truck sale, its services can then be used for these type of precise digging job as well as many other day-to-day activities involving suctioning.


This machine is easy to set up and, with the assistance of contemporary pneumatic tools included with the truck, is able to rapidly dig without the hazard of damaging the sub-surface utility equipment. It utilizes a powerful water jet and vacuum system with a suction tube or nozzle to break up the soil and remove loosened material from the ground. This type of unearthing method is the best way to safely locate underground utility equipment and avoid accidental damage to buried utilities.

Digging Process

Usually, there are two types of excavation processes, hydro or vacuum. Broadly speaking, these processes use either high-pressured air or water jets to break up and loosen soil and vacuum the result into the tank. The process starts by using a compressed air lance or high-pressured water jet to crush or break up the ground rather than using a conventional pick and shovel. Once the ground has been loosened, the soil that has been dug up will be suctioned and removed through the suction pipe and into the vacuum truck conveyor tank. The result will be more precise and accurate holes when compared to a mechanical excavator such as like backhoe or the even more laborious process of manual excavation.

Advantages of a Vacuum Truck

There are various benefits of using vacuum excavation to find and expose existing utilities, which is of vital importance in maintaining that utility to customers, including the following:

Increased safety resulting in lower insurance costs for contractors

Safely locate underground utilities

Prevent damage to underground pipes

Versatile to use on all underground utilities

Less traffic inconvenience and uncluttered work site

More efficient and cost-effective

Easy removal of various types of materials including dry, wet, muddy, or stony

Increased job site productivity

Only one machine needed for extraction and transportation of debris

No need for the labor-intensive method of manual excavation.

Nearly every day, contractors from a variety of municipalities across the United States excavate the sub-surface of the ground to install underground facilities and to locate existing pipe lines, telephone, and electric underground lines for repair and maintenance. This process used to be tedious, time-consuming, and very risky for many reasons. To resolve these issues, excavation through the use of a vacuum truck from a vacuum truck sale was developed and has proven to be safer and faster than the previous manual digging methods! Continue reading

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Safety and Digger Trucks Go Hand-in-Hand!

Do you own or operate a digger truck and want to be sure you and your colleagues are using the highest safety standards? Read this article for a guide on how to stay safe when operating this utility vehicle! Continue reading

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Stay Focused and Success at an Auction Can be Easy!

Buying new industrial equipment can be expensive. In fact, not all business owners can afford to acquire new vehicles since this can involve a considerable investment. For this reason, the market for used machinery continues to grow and develop. Furthermore, … Continue reading

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The Best Ways to Sell Industrial Equipment at an Auction!

During this time of economic difficulties, most construction companies are taking drastic action in order to survive in the industry. Though no company wants to downsize, most managers are compromising to maintain the profitability of their businesses. Selling some pieces … Continue reading

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